Sci:Pro Calculator v1.3.0 Released

By Jerry News With Comments

A new version of Sci:Pro Calculator is now available in the App Store. The primary focus for version 1.3.0 is a significant reworking of the internal user interface code to support new and upcoming iOS devices including the iPhone X. Many of these changes will not be visible to the user but the overall performance and functionality of the user interface has been improved. This version has been built to support iOS 11 but will work on iOS version 9.3 or later. Lots of thanks to all the users that provided feedback and bug reports that helped make this update possible. Special thanks to the iPhone X users that had to wait for the release to be finished—your patience was greatly appreciated.

Summary of changes in version 1.3.0

  • Native iOS 11 Build
  • Support for iPhone X Super Retina HD Display
  • Major update of UI code
  • Code optimizations & clean-up
  • Minor bug fixes

Support for iPhone X Super Retina HD Display

This version of Sci:Pro Calculator includes fixes for the display layout problems related to the new iPhone X Super Retina HD Display. Updates to the underlying user interface code have been implemented to let the app fully utilize the iPhone X display in both portrait and landscape orientations. In addition, new high resolution user interface images have been incorporated that take full advantage of these new display resolutions while still leaving room for potential new higher-resolution devices in the future. The bottom line is that Sci:Pro Calculator looks really sharp on the new iPhone X.

Major update of UI code

A major focus of this release was a complete overhaul of the underlying user interface implementation. All areas of the app have been reworked to support adaptive layout capabilities and APIs. In the short term these changes fix some layout problems experienced by iPhone X users. In the long term these changes should enable the app to better support new devices as soon as soon as they are released. Future versions of Sci:Pro Calculator will build on this work to provide even more dynamic display handling capabilities.

Code Optimizations

As with earlier releases, application code has been cleaned-up and optimized to use the latest APIs and remove references to functionality that was deprecated by Apple in newer versions of iOS. Most of these changes happen behind the scenes and have very little impact on how the app looks and behaves. The primary benefit is the app should have better performance and reliability when running on newer versions of iOS and on the latest iPhone and iPad devices.

Available Now

Version 1.3.0 of Sci:Pro Calculator is currently available. If you like the app please be sure to show your support by rating each new version in the App Store—new downloads and ratings help to ensure the ongoing development and support of the app. Thanks!